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wireshark case study


WILMINGTON UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY SEC 6040: Web and Data Security Week 3 – Wireshark Review Assignment Monitoring the Network Exercise Pts: 100 pts For this assignment you will be required to run Wireshark to complete the assignment and also view the following video on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzonPrKNhwc 1) When monitoring one port on the network switch, what kind of traffic if predominantly observed? What other traffic can be seen when port mirroring is turned on? (10 Points) 2) During the video, the presenter observes in a greater details the DNS record packet. How many records did the presenter observe? ____________ In your capture on the wireshark install did you monitor any DNS records and if so how many did you observe? ___________ (15 points) 3) What is the issue with spanning tree protocol as discussed by the presenter and how would you deal with the issues identified? (25 ports) 4) While your wireshark is running in capture mode. Visit a specific website. Please ensure that the website is not running https. Once you have done, that, using wireshark’s capture find the packets that identify the network traffic that pertains to the website you visited. Please provide the name of the site that was visited and the screen shot of the captured traffic. (50 points)


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