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Winter 15/16 MGMT 2001 / Paper Assignment:


HR Project 6-8page Winter 15/16 MGMT 2001 / Paper Assignment: McGraw Hill wants to hire individuals to write Study Guides for ALL of their Business Text books. However, McGraw Hill does not have the staff to analyze the work that needs to be done to write Study Guides. They also do not have the staff to hire Study Guide Writers. As a result, McGraw Hill has decided to outsource this work to a consulting company. To begin, McGraw Hill wants to hire a consulting company to do a PILOT Project. The pilot project would be limited to hiring 8 individuals to write four Study Guides (Chapters 1 – 4) from the NOE book. After the Pilot project is completed and assessed, then McGraw Hill intends to ramp up and hire Study Guide Writers for all of their Business Textbooks. McGraw Hill is asking companies to bid on the PILOT PROJECT. The work details are below. However, in summary, the goal will be to hire 8 individuals to write 4 Study Guides for their Human Resources Book by Noe as a pilot process. You are a CEO of a Consulting Company and you will be bidding on this work. This is a great opportunity for your company. If your company is selected for the initial pilot work, then McGraw Hill might hire your firm when they eventually ramp up to write Study Guides for ALL their Business Books. This would eventually mean a multi-million dollar contract for your company. Getting this pilot project is critical for your company. Your individual assignment: 15% of your grade. You will prepare a cover letter and packet to go to McGraw Hill asking to be considered to design the work for Study Guide Writers and to Select 8 Employees to work in the pilot process. You can discuss this assignment with other students. However, you will submit a document with the items below for individual grading. You must submit your own work. If there is any evidence that you shared your written work with others, it will be considered cheating. Please review the Writing Guidelines in the Syllabus. 30% of your grade for this assignment will be attributed to Spelling, Grammar, overall Organization, etc. Excessive writing issues will result in a zero grade. Please remember to take advantage of the Learning Center for editing assistance. 70% of your grade will be based on content.   The following are required when bidding on the McGraw Hill Pilot Study Guide Project. You should use your text book as references for these documents to ensure they meet best practices and recommendations based on the authors’ insights. Documents Needed: 1. Title Page 2. Cover Letter 3. Job Description 4. Job Specification 5. Recruitment Sites: Identify at least two appropriate recruitment sites and how each would be used to identify the best candidates for this position. Remember, it is not as simple as posting an ad in the newspaper or on Craigslist. The criteria for this step are quality of site and appropriateness to position. 6. Selection Process: Design a selection process. a. How will applicants respond to the recruitment method and why? Ex: applications, resumes, etc. b. Will there be additional requirements and why? Ex: letters of recommendations, references, etc. c. What types of assessments, if any, will be used, at what stage of the process and why? Ex: capability, personality or cognitive test, etc. d. Will drug testing and/or background checks be conducted, at what stage of the process and why? e. Interviews will be conducted. Which candidates will be interviewed, how many interviews will be conducted, and with whom? f. Prepare (Create Documents) for Interviewing Potential Study Guide Employees: What Interview questions will be used? 7. Project Plan with basic dates This consulting job will be awarded on April 1, 2016. How long will it take for your company to get 8 Study Guide Writers Hired? What would your basic project plan be by week if you get the contract on April 1, 2016? 8. ADD ANY OTHE


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