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Who defines the quality and value of the hospitality


Who defines the quality and value of the hospitality 1. The term servicescape refers to a. a Carnival Cruise Lines vacation package. b. the service setting or environment. c. a way to get out of a service experience. d. the service product. 2. Who defines the quality and value of the hospitality experience? a. J_D Powers b. Consumer Reports c. organizational managers, when they design the experience in the first place d. the guest 3. The challenge of hospitality is best explained as a. getting employees to smile at all guests. b. finding employees with good experience in hospitality. c. ensuring that employees always offer the high level of service the guest wants and expects every time, perfectly. d. providing a good product regardless of the setting or the service delivery system. 4. The characteristics of services include all the following EXCEPT: a. They are partly or wholly intangible. b. They are consumed at the moment of production or delivery. c. They require interaction between the service provider and the customer. d. They meet the expectations of the typical first-time guest. 5. An organization knows it has met guest expectations when a. the service experience is delivered exactly the way the organization wanted it to be delivered. b. guests report that their expectations have been met. c. the guest experience as advertised and as delivered are the same. d. the employees report to management that guest expectations have been met. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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