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What is the current marketing mix strategy of the company (i.e., Product, P


FINAL PAPER Instructions The final paper is a continuation of the work you did for Assignment 1. In your final paper, you are to perform secondary research on the marketing mix of an existing company. Then you are to critique the marketing mix of the company and make recommendations for improvement. Use the outline below for the final paper. 1. Write an Executive Summary for the marketing plan (would give the overall view of the marketing plan i.e. area of marketing plan and your main findings.) 2. Organization Description: Includes what company are you researching? Provide basic information about what they do, where they are located, basic financial condition, and so on. (You’ve covered this section in assignment 1 just give a brief overview in final page to give a background and to set the stage). 3. Situation Analysis Section: Include analysis of internal and external environment of the organization i.e. conducting SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). You would analyze the internal environment of the organization to discuss the Strengths and Weaknesses. Study of external environment would give Opportunities and Threats for the company. Internal environment also involves analyses of organization’s current and potential Target Market. 4. Marketing Mix Section: What is the current marketing mix strategy of the company (i.e., Product, Price, Promotion, and Place)? 5. Financial Section: Briefly discuss the budgets and forecasts to plan for marketing expenditures and marketing mix. 6. What challenges does the company face? These might be factors in the marketing environment such as economics, technology, government regulations, competitive threats, declining market, etc. Discuss competition in detail i.e. who are the main competitors and compare their marketing mix. 7. What general recommendations can you make to improve the marketing mix strategy of the company? 8. Write a conclusion to your paper. The final paper should be no more than Six pages in length. Papers must be submitted in Word.doc or docx file.


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