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What is Ethical Dilemma?


A six-year-old develops a high fever accompanied by violent vomiting and convulsions while at school. The child is rushed to a nearby hospital. The attending physician makes a diagnosis of meningitis and requests permission to initiate treatment from the parents. Both parents are Christian Scientists, and they insist that no medical treatment be given to her. The physician initiates treatment anyway, and the parents later sue the physician and the hospital. Using the steps outlined in the decision-making models, select one ethical decision-making model and analyze the case. Consider the following questions: (1) What is the ethical dilemma here? (2) How would you resolve this dilemma? (3) Which decision-making model did you use? (4) What was the outcome of your model? (5) Do you fully agree with this outcome, or would you, in retrospect, have selected another model? 450 – 500 words


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