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What does pluralistic decision making mean?


1. What does pluralistic decision making mean? 2. What is meant by the discussion within public administration that there exists a “conflict” between democracy and bureaucracy? 3. Discuss the differences of the view of government between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton? 4. Describe the different ways in which an American city government may be organized? 5. What is meant by “marble cake” and “layer cake” images of American Federalism? 6. What are the role of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in the policy process and the delivery of public services? 7. Describe the limits placed on public employees by the Hatch Political Activities Act of 1939? 8. Describe the acronym, POSDORB which was coined by Luther Gulick in 1937? 9. Describe the steps in Strategic Planning? 10. Describe the writings of Woodrow Wilson to the field of Public Administration?


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