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week 13 assignment 4 the art of oratory-for professor anthony


Week 13 assignment 4 the art of oratory-for professor anthony Assignment Four: Motivational Presentation 30% (FINAL ASSESSMENT) To do: Create an original motivational presentation. This assignment has three components: 1.) Brainstorm ideas and create an outline using one of the organizational techniques discussed in the course. Submit the outline prior to developing the speech so your instructor can provide you with feedback. Also include this outline in your final submission (5 points). 2.) Analyse your speech using the concepts discussed in the course. Use Assignments #3 and #2 as a guide to writing this component. Be sure to comment on your nonverbal communication, as well as all other elements of good presentations. (10 points). 3.) Record your five minute presentation as if you are delivering it to an actual audience. Upload it to YouTube via an Unlisted link. (For more information on how to submit an unlisted YouTube link, go to YouTube itself and do a search for “how to upload an unlisted link” – this will give you a few video tutorials). (15 points) Assessment This assessment is worth 30% of your final grade. It will be graded out of thirty points, broken down as listed below. To ensure you have included all the required elements for this assignment, consider the following checklist when creating it: Outline: 5 points • Organizational style is identifiable • Topic and main point are clear • Subtopics are fleshed out clearly • Journey is mapped out • Highlights are planned Written Analysis: 10 points • Motivational topic chosen • Main idea clear • Three-act structure evident • Subtopics supported • Contrast and balance evident • Audience connection achieved • Appropriate language used • Rhetorical devices employed • Capitalizes on a STAR moment • Strong introduction and conclusion planned Presented speech: 15 points • Presenter is dressed in suitable attire • Presenter uses “best self” persona • Strong Introduction • Connects with the audience • Demonstrates clear ability to motivate • Body language is relaxed • Speech is clear and audible • Speech is delivered at an appropriate pace • Story Arc evident • Considers current historical climate • STAR moment delivered effectively • Repeatable sound byte used • Use of anecdotes or stories • Holds audience attention • Strong conclusion • *Appropriate length*


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