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UNITED STATES V UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT When we began looking at domestic security we needed to make a baseline of government powers, people’s rights and a balance thereof. I think all of us agree that the key to addressing terrorism is to be found in prevention. The most powerful tool which law enforcement or the government in general has is knowledge. Knowledge is a combination of information and wisdom (reasoning). There are many who feel that although information is critical there has to be a balance between information and privacy. So, we have an oddity in American culture, right now. Many of us feel that the more knowledge that the government has, the greater the protection that the government can provide. Many argue the opposite. Many feel that giving the government too much information or power to collect information is a threat to American citizens. The turn in American reality began in the sixties and seventies when we realized that the borders were not so remote from the rest of the world and that espionage/terrorism was a real threat on U.S. soil. In 1972, the USSC heard the case of United States v United States District Court. This case is in your textbook in chapter one. The page varies based upon the edition which you have. It is on page 12 in the current text. I have loaded the entire case on the website at the doc sharing section. Please read the case in its entirety. Having read the case and remembering that the case is pre FISA please compare and contrast it to the newly announced FBI search policy. Then please read Boumediene v Bush. Do you feel that the cases agrees with the US vUSDC case? Should foreign terrorists who are apprehended and still are suspects but entitled to some form or review, either procedural or substance, or should they be held at the discretion of the intelligence arm of the executive bra Please write an essay 2 to 5 pages. Please no plagiarism and make sure to put your references. Thank you


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