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type of fire extinguisher


type of fire extinguisher 1. A secure facility needs to control incoming vehicle traffic and be able to stop determined attacks. What control should be implemented: a. Crash gate b. Guard post c. Turnstile d. Bollards 2. A security-minded organization is relocating its business office into a shared-tenant building. How should the entrance of personnel be controlled? a. One key card system that is jointly operated by all of the tenants b. Separate key card systems that are operated by each tenant c. Security guards to control who can enter the building d. Video surveillance to monitor who enters the building 3. Which type of fire extinguisher is effective against flammable liquids: a. Class C b. Class K c. Class A d. Class B 4. The type of smoke detector that is designed to detect smoke before it is visible is: a. Ionization b. Optical c. Ultraviolet d. Radioactive 5. Provided it is permitted by local fire codes, which type of fire sprinkler system is most preferred for computer rooms? a. Pre-action system b. Deluge system c. Wet pipe system d. Foam water system Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study Help, Computer Science Course Help


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