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TQM is most helpful to firms


TQM is most helpful to firms 1. Land’s End offers jeans personally tailored to the customer’s individual body measurements, resulting in a garment that is uniquely sized. This is an example of a. Total Quality Management. b. an enterprise resource planning system. c. a flexible manufacturing system. d. a customer relationship management system. 2. A nationwide chain of pet stores wishes to identify the tradeoffs that its customers are willing to make between low-cost products such as generic pet foods and differentiated features such as pick-up and delivery of pets for grooming. The best technique for this firm to learn this information would be to use a. customer relationship management. b. a flexible manufacturing system. c. differentiation development planning. d. Enterprise Resource Planning. 3. By linking companies with their suppliers, distributors, and customers, ____ provide a company with flexibility. a. Flexible manufacturing systems b. Information networks c. Total quality management systems d. Capabilities 4. TQM is most helpful to firms following the ____ business strategy. a. cost-leadership b. integrated cost-leadership/differentiation c. focused cost-leadership d. focused differentiation 5. The term “stuck in the middle” a. means adhering to a middle of the road strategy in the face of negative outcomes. b. indicates that the customers of the firm are willing to pay only a mid-range price for the product. c. reflects the fact that the customers of the firm have only moderate expectations regarding product quality. d. describes a firm that fails to optimally perform its primary and support activities. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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