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Three-stage charismatic leadership model


Three-stage charismatic leadership model 1. __________ addresses the topic of how individuals try to understand causes, assess responsibilities, and evaluate personal qualities as they pertain to events in their lives. a) Attribution theory. b) Hersey and Blanchard’s situational leadership theory. c) Contingency theory. d) Graen’s Leader-Member Exchange Theory. e) Substitutes for leadership theory. 2. __________ will differ across countries and national cultures. a) leadership models. b) leadership prototypes. c) leadership archetypes. d) leadership exemplars. e) leadership criteria. 3. Meindle referred to the phenomenon whereby people attribute almost magical qualities to leadership as a) the romance of leadership. b) a leadership prototype. c) leadership as attribution. d) inference-based attrition. e) transactional leadership. 4. The __________ of charismatic leadership emphasizes personalized power, whereas the __________ of charismatic leadership emphasizes empowerment of followers. a) bright side; dark side. b) selfish side; unselfish side. c) sustainable side; unsustainable side. d) dark side; bright side. e) strong side; weak side. 5. Which of the following stages are included in Conger and Kanungo’s three-stage charismatic leadership model? a) the leader critically evaluates the status quo. b) the leader formulates the goals along with an idealized future vision. c) the leader articulates the goals along with an idealized future vision. d) the leader shows how these goals and vision can be achieved. e) the leader expands upon the goals presented. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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