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There are 4 questions that need to be answered.



There are 4 questions that need to be answered. A minimum of 4 sentances per question and no negitive response please Question 1 Evidence plays a critical role in auditing. Without quality evidence, auditors cannot arrive at the right conclusions about audit objectives. Evidence can be considered strong if it is persuasive. Persuasiveness, in turn, can be achieved if the evidence is relevant, sufficient, and competent. There is relevance if different results would generate different conclusions regarding the audit objective. There is sufficiency if there is enough evidence to arrive at a conclusion and there is competency if it is credible. When evaluating evidence, auditors may follow 11 guidelines, which focus on the issues of relevance, objectivity, documentation, externality, sample size, sampling method, corroboration, timeliness, authoritativeness, directness and adequacy of controls. Every auditor needs to present quality evidence, but what makes it competent, relevant, and sufficient isn’t always clear. Eleven guidelines can help close the case. Conduct research on the importance of the quality of evidence relied upon during an audit engagement. Why do you feel it is important to gather quality evidence? Use your research to support your conclusions. Respond to this… If we had an internal control and auditing process, we would not have a companies take an advantage of the system for example ENRON. Auditing process for the auditing company could be extremely hard and they need to know lot of component to make a right decision for their findings about the company. The auditing companies are outside company looking into process of other company, how they run their day to day operation, financial reports, bank statements, employee funding and many other reports. I think there should be standardizes checklist for the companies to use on auditing process and should be provided by GAAP. This will eliminate any wrong doing by auditing company and this process would be needs to be ever evolving. To able to have a quality audit, you need to have many steps in place to support a strong report. I have found three different source talks about quality audit and I feel that having strong evidence build your case stronger and supports your case. For example, if we had DNA screening in 1970 and 1980, we would not have to rely on people’s testimony. You seen in the news that inmate is release after spending 30 years to life in the prison system. Just like i said earlier strong evidence makes strong cases. Question 2 Leveraging your information literacy skills can provide an advantage to you in a job interview – you benefit if an employer can tell you are well-versed in seeking out information effectively and using it to your advantage. So how might you do this? Explain one way in which you could make your superior information literacy skills evident in job interview. What examples could you use? How can you make clear the advantage hiring you would provide the employer? Rrespond to this… There are many ways someone could show that they have a superior skill set in information literacy. It starts by researching and gathering information about the business that they want to work for. That information may contain the core values of the company, information on the job function, or what the company stands for. The applicant should have a good working knowledge about their resume in order to give examples when the opportunity arises. The same thing can be said when asked about questions regarding the previous job, the applicant should use that opportunity to display his/her knowledge about that company. It gives the impression that the applicant has experience and knowledge in the related field. Question 3 Visit the website of the Congressional Budget Office (http://www.cbo.gov) and find the U.S. Federal deficit (surplus) and total debt. As late as 1992, the United States was running budget deficits of nearly $300 bi


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