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The zone of indifference


The zone of indifference 1. Barnard’s studies on obedience and compliance relate to all of the following concepts EXCEPT: a) compliance in organizations stemmed from the “consent of the governed.” b) in every day organizational life, subordinates accepted or followed a managerial directive only if specific circumstances were met. c) obedience is not the only reason for compliance in organizations. d) subordinates must believe that a management directive is consistent with the purpose of an organization, but not necessarily the personal interests of the individual. e) Bernard built his analysis on the notion of a psychological contract between the individual and the firm. 2. According to Barnard, all of the following conditions must be met for a subordinate to accept or follow a directive EXCEPT: a) the subordinate can and must understand the directive. b) the subordinate must feel mentally and physically capable of carrying out the directive. c) the subordinate must believe that the directive is not inconsistent with the purpose of the organization. d) the subordinate must believe that the directive is not inconsistent with his or her personal interests. e) the subordinate must know how the directive will help the organization. 3. A __________ is the range of authoritative requests to which a subordinate is willing to respond without subjecting the directives to critical evaluation or judgment. a) territory of unconcern. b) region of inattention. c) region of insensibility. d) section of apathy. e) zone of indifference. 4. Directives falling within the zone of indifference are a) subjected to slight scrutiny. b) ignored. c) rejected. d) obeyed. e) subjected to severe scrutiny. 5. The zone of indifference is a) not fixed. b) fixed. c) neutral. d) fixed in complex environments and not fixed in simple environments. e) fixed in simple environments and not fixed in complex environments. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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