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The types of BCP and DRP tests


The types of BCP and DRP tests 1. An organization is about to start its first disaster recovery planning project. The project manager is responsible for choosing project team members. Which staff members should be chosen for this project? a. The project should use outsourced technical experts b. The least experienced team members c. The most experienced team members d. The project should use outsourced disaster recovery planning experts 2. At the beginning of a disaster recovery planning project, the project team will be compiling a list of all of the organization’s most important business processes. This phase of the project is known as: a. Business Impact Analysis b. Risk Analysis c. Business Process Analysis d. Determination of maximum tolerable downtime (MTD) 3. In what sequence should a disaster recovery planning project be performed? a. Business Impact Analysis, Maximum Tolerable Downtime, Recovery Point Objective, Recovery Time Objective, training, testing b. Survey business processes, threat and risk analysis, develop recovery targets, criticality analysis c. Project plan, risk assessment, statements of impact, criticality analysis, recovery targets, test recovery plans d. Project plan, Business Impact Analysis, develop recovery plans, train personnel, test recovery plans 4. Benefits from disaster recovery and business continuity planning include all of the following EXCEPT: a. Improved system resilience b. Process improvements c. Improved market advantage d. Improved performance 5. The types of BCP and DRP tests are: a. Document review, walkthrough, parallel test, cutover test b. Document review, walkthrough, simulation, parallel test, cutover test c. Document review, walkthrough, sanity test, parallel test, cutover test d. Walkthrough, simulation, parallel test, cutover test, live test Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study Help, Computer Science Course Help


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