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The type of business an organization


The type of business an organization 1. __________ define the type of business an organization is in and provide additional substance to the more general aspects of mission statements. a) Systems goals. b) Proprietary goals. c) Statutory goals. d) Intrinsic goals. e) Output goals. 2. __________ are concerned with the conditions within the organization that are expected to increase the organization’s survival potential. a) Output goals. b) Systems goals. c) Institutional goals. d) Functional goals. e) Statutory goals. 3. Examples of __________ include growth, productivity, stability, harmony, flexibility, prestige, and human resource maintenance. a) output goals. b) input goals. c) performance goals. d) systems goals. e) statutory goals. 4. All of the following statements about systems goals are correct EXCEPT: a) in a very practical sense, systems goals represent short-term organizational characteristics that higher-level managers wish to promote. b) systems goals must often be balanced against one another. c) the relative importance of different systems goals can vary substantially across various types of organizations. d) systems goals are important to firms because they provide a road map that helps them link together various units of their organization to assure survival. e) accurately stated systems goals lock managers into a particular course of action. 5. __________ creates a hierarchy of authority—an arrangement of work positions in order of increasing authority. a) Organizational dispersion. b) Hierarchical differentiation. c) Vertical specialization. d) Perpendicular regimentation. e) Functional regimentation. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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