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The set of mechanisms used in an organization


The set of mechanisms used in an organization 1. All of the following are disadvantages of a matrix structure EXCEPT: a) it is difficult to explain to employees. b) authority and responsibilities of managers may overlap, causing conflicts and gaps in effort across units and inconsistencies in priorities. c) unity of command is lost. d) it is very expensive. e) it blends technical and market emphases. 2. __________ is the set of mechanisms used in an organization to link the actions of its units into a consistent pattern. a) Control. b) Coordination. c) Organization. d) Supervision. e) Planning. 3. Which of the following statements about coordination is NOT accurate? a) coordinating mechanisms link managers and staff units, operating units with each other, and divisions with each other. b) coordination is needed at all levels of management. c) much of the coordination within a unit is handled by its manager. d) large organizations rely primarily, if not exclusively, on the management hierarchy e) as organizations grow, managers become overloaded and the organization needs to develop more efficient and effective ways of linking units together. 4. _________ methods of coordination produce synergy by promoting dialogue, discussion, innovation, creativity, and learning, both within and across organizational units. a) Impersonal. b) Statutory. c) Institutional. d) Personal. e) Functional. 5. Direct contact between organization members is a __________ method of coordination. a) impersonal. b) statutory. c) institutional. d) functional. e) personal. Economics Assignment Help, Economics Homework help, Economics Study Help, Economics Course Help


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