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the selection of hardware/software for an your organization


kindly read ….i need 1 page but plz A+ work….. Application Comparison Tool (Individual Assignment) Many of you will be involved in decisions related to the selection of hardware/software for an your organization. As executives, you need to look beyond the “CNet” & “PC Magazine’s reviews” and seek to examine your selections in terms of value for the organization and cost benefits. For this assignment you will compare one set of the following products, hands-on (you are not to just read about them, you will want to try them out, where possible). You are only required to select one (Obviously you can do more if you desire): 1. Microsoft Office & Google Docs 2. Apple iPhone & Android Phones 3. Adobe Photoshop & Google Picasa 4. Microsoft Outlook & Google Calendar System 5. Apple App Stores and other App Stores 6. Select two different mobile APPs to compare After you have done your research and hands-on practice, write a professional looking report in which you need to compare the two products and justify your recommendations.


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