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The research-based report addresses a problem or issue within an organizati


The research-based report addresses a problem or issue within an organization. For this assignment, you will write a report of 2000-3000 words on a problem or issue within your workplace or community. You will identify a problem or issue within your organization. This may be a current place of employment or a community group, such as a church, school, homeowner’s association, daycare, recreation center, soccer team, or other another group. You will then include the following in the report… define the problem persuasively and accurately propose a solution or solutions to the problem or issue present that solution to a decision-maker or group of decision-makers who can implement the recommendation. … and the following components: executive summary transmittal letter or memo table of contents introduction body of the report, including headings and subheadings conclusion, stated as a recommendation for implementation of the solution references page, with references listed in APA format The complete report should be 2000-3000 words, not including the list of references. The purpose of establishing a word count is to ensure the topic chosen is neither too big nor too small. Also, writing within parameters is a common requirement in business communications. The complete report should cite a minimum of five sources. At least one of them should come from a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal. Your sources can also include interviews but no more than two. The sources will be integrated into the paper to explain the problem, provide evidence of the problem, and support the solution. If you are having trouble locating scholarly sources for your topic, you can let me know during the weeks leading up to the due date for the report. I can try to help you or work with you on integrating sources. Strategies to Consider for this Assignment The following resources will present guidelines and examples that will help with the formatting of the various components and, ultimately, the finalization of your research paper. PLEASE CONSULT THEM. -Victoria University of Wellington has a thorough outline and review of the components of this type of business report. Click here to access it. -Queen Margaret University has an excellent guide for this type of report. Click here to access it. -Murdoch University has an outstanding guide on writing this type of report. Click here to access it. -Colorado State University presents excellent tips in organizing the report. Click here to access its site. -Monash University has a sample case study report that you might find helpful. Click here to access it. You may want to include a graphic or some graphics in your report. Graphics should be presented in a way that displays the information desired in an effective manner. Graphics should not be integrated simply for the purpose of integrating a graphic. Topics to Help You Come Up with Ideas on this Assignment: Some possible workplace research topics are the following. These are just examples to help you get started. Please do not feel that you have to select one of these topics. Going to a wireless network Going to a paperless office Switching from Windows to Linux (or other similar switch) Installing/upgrading company firewall Establishing a drug policy Establishing an employee leave donation program Establishing an equipment donation program for used computers, etc. Establishing a company recycling program (paper, etc.) Education/retraining for your employees Establishing a program for millennial workers (e.g., training on certain aspects of etiquette, on understanding other generations, etc.) Designing a training program for workplace safety issues Redesigning employee performance evaluations Developing a work-at-home (telecommuting) policy Developing a flex-time policy Establishing on-site day care or providing other child care benefits Providing gym membership or creating a


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