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the reader what a marketing plan Used assignment


Prepare a five-page paper that tells the reader what a marketing plan is, why it is important for seeking approval for a new venture from a company’s senior management or from venture capitalists if your firm is seeking outside funding, and how the level of research, planning, documentations and sound marketing decision-making may affect approval and/or funding. Be sure to use at least three credible sources of information and document your sources with in-text citations and a Title Page (page 1), and a References Page (page 4) following the APA format. Have a section in your papers that discusses the options available to your team (i.e., company) in the markets that you have chosen for your product launch AND to make decisions/selections based on what is available, then justify your decisions. Don’t just say/discuss what your team has chosen to do. Instead, identify the options available, discuss their strengths and weaknesses as they relate to your markets, target audience, your designated product/service, and the fact that you will be introducing a new product or service rather than increasing market share or penetrating a new consumer or business segment for an existing product/service. Hints: identify the distribution options and pick one or more, giving sound reasons for your selection(s). When it comes time to select communications options, for example, identify what is available in your markets, describe their applicability (strengths and weaknesses) as they relate to your target audience, then pick one or more and provide reasons for your decisions. Think about ability to reach your target audience, the frequency that your choice(s) will provide, whether or not your choice will be viewed as credible or influential, etc.


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