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The quality of the guest-service experience


The quality of the guest-service experience 1. The quality of the guest-service experience is defined as a. the difference between what the guest expected and what the guest actually got. b. whatever the quality control department says is quality. c. an objectively determined value that can be calculated by formula. d. the counterpart to the cost. 2. The value of a guest experience is equal to the a. quality of the guest experience; they are the same. b. quality of the experience divided by the costs of all kinds. c. dollar value of the experience to guests. d. price charged for the experience. 3. The service product a. is always the physical part of the service experience. b. is the service environment plus the tangible part of the service. c. does not refer exclusively to the physical part of the service experience but may include it. d. is whatever the company says it is. 4. The first step in understanding how to manage the guest experience is a. defining the service product. b. organizing the top management team. c. hiring the right people. d. understand the guests in the target market. 5. KSAs stand for a. Keeping Service Alert. b. Key Strategic Activities. c. Knowing Service Actions. d. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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