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The purpose for putting a “canary” value in the stack


The purpose for putting a “canary” value in the stack 1. One reason an organization would consider a distributed application is: a. Some components are easier to operate b. Distributed applications have a simpler architecture than other types of applications c. Some application components are owned and operated by other organizations d. Distributed applications are easier to secure 2. All of the following are advantages of using self-signed SSL certificates EXCEPT: a. Server authentication b. Lower cost c. Easier to create d. More difficult to crack 3. The best defense against a NOP sled attack is: a. Firewall b. Anti-virus c. The strcpy() function d. Input boundary checking 4. The instructions contained with an object are known as its: a. Class b. Firmware c. Code d. Method 5. The purpose for putting a “canary” value in the stack is: a. To detect a dictionary attack b. To detect a stack smashing attack c. To detect parameter tampering d. To detect script injection Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study Help, Computer Science Course Help


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