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The process of external adaptation


The process of external adaptation True/False 1. Three important aspects of external adaptation are: (a) separating more important from less important eternal forces, (b) developing ways to measure accomplishments, and (c) creating explanations for why goals are not always met. 2. Some of the key questions regarding external adaptation are: How do we allocate power, status, and authority? How do we communicate? What is the basis for friendship? 3. Internal integration deals with the creation of a collective identity and with finding ways of matching methods of working and living together. 4. The process of external adaptation often begins with the establishment of a unique identity; that is, each collection of individuals and each subculture within the organization develops some type of unique definition of itself. 5. In the context of internal integration, three important aspects of working together are: (a)deciding who is a member and who is not; (b) developing a formal agreement that specifies acceptable and unacceptable behavior; and (c) getting friends and enemies to collaborate with one another. Economics Assignment Help, Economics Homework help, Economics Study Help, Economics Course Help


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