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the primary reason for storing a hash of the password


the primary reason for storing a hash of the password 1. An information system that processes sensitive information is configured to require a valid userid and strong password from any user. This process of accepting and validating this information is known as: a. Authentication b. Strong authentication c. Two-factor authentication d. Single sign-on 2. The reason that two-factor authentication is preferable over ordinary authentication is: a. Two-factor authentication is more difficult to crack b. It relies upon something the user knows c. It relies upon something that the user has d. Two-factor authentication uses stronger encryption algorithms 3. When an information system authenticates a user based on “what the user is,” this refers to the use of: a. Authorization based upon the user’s job title b. Role-based authentication c. Two-factor authentication d. Biometric authentication 4. In an information system that authenticates users based on userid and password, the primary reason for storing a hash of the password instead of storing the encrypted password is: a. No one, even system administrators, can derive the password b. Hashing algorithms are less CPU-intensive than encryption algorithms c. Hashed passwords require less storage space than encrypted passwords d. Support personnel can more easily reset a user’s password when it is hashed 5. The primary reason why users are told to use strong passwords is NOT: a. It is more difficult to “shoulder surf” a strong password because of the additional keystrokes b. Strong passwords are more difficult for others to guess c. Weak passwords are susceptible to dictionary attacks d. Passwords based on easily-discovered facts such as birthdays, spouse and pet names are easily guessed Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study Help, Computer Science Course Help


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