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The path-goal leadership theory


The path-goal leadership theory 1. According to the path-goal leadership theory, a manager is showing a participative leadership style when he/she __________. a) lets subordinates know what performance is expected. b) expects the highest levels of performance. c) consults with subordinates and takes their suggestions into account before making decisions. d) treats subordinates as equals during decision making. e) acts friendly to subordinates. 2. Len and John are managers. Len spends a lot of time scheduling work to be done and providing guidance on its accomplishment. John takes great care to listen to his subordinates’ concerns and act friendly toward them. In the terminology of House’s path-goal theory, Len is acting as a(n) __________ leader, while John is acting as a(n) __________ leader. a) directive; achievement-oriented. b) directive; supportive. c) achievement-oriented; participative. d) achievement-oriented; supportive. e) autocratic; democratic. 3. The path-goal theory predicts that ____________________ leadership is called for when ambiguous tasks are performed by highly authoritarian and close-minded subordinates. a) directive. b) supportive. c) achievement-oriented. d) authoritarian. e) participative. 4. The path-goal theory predicts that a _________________supervisor would help traditional assembly-line auto worker jobs, which are typically repetitive, more pleasant. a) directive. b) supportive. c) achievement-oriented. d) authoritarian. e) participative. 5. Which of the following statements about House’s path-goal theory is true? a) current assessments of path-goal theory by well-known scholars have pointed out that many aspects have not been tested adequately. b) training could be used to change leadership behavior to fit the situational contingencies. c) the leader could be taught to diagnose the situation and learn how to try to change the contingency. d) there is very little recent research concerning the theory. e) the path-goal theory is the most highly regarded leadership theory. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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