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The means by which creative ideas find their way


The means by which creative ideas find their way 1. All of the following exemplify strong cultures EXCEPT: a) a widely shared real understanding of what a firm stands for, often embodied in slogans. b) a concern for individuals over rules, policies, procedures, and adherence to job duties. c) a recognition of leaders who actions illustrate the company’s shared philosophy and concerns. d) a belief in ritual and ceremony as important to members and to building a common identity. d) a well-understood sense of the informal rules and expectations so that employees and managers understand what is expected of them. 2. Which of the following statements about shared meanings in organizations is NOT correct? a) what you see as an outside observer may or may not be what organizational members see. b) through interaction with one another, and as reinforced by the rest of the organization, workers may infuse a larger shared meaning or sense of broader purpose into their tasks. c) organizational members refrain from linking their actions to values and unstated assumptions. d) organizational culture is a “shared” set of meanings and perceptions. e) in most firms employees create and learn a deeper aspect of their culture. 3. __________ are unproven and often unstated beliefs that are accepted uncritically. a) Organizational rites. b) Organizational routines. c) Organizational sagas. d) Organizational myths. e) Organizational rituals. 4. Which of the following statements is NOT accurate with respect to organizational myths? a) myths allow managers to govern. b) organizations should discourage the use of managerial myths. c) myths allow executives to redefine impossible problems into more manageable components. d) myths can facilitate experimentation and creativity. e) in many firms, the management philosophy is supported by a series of organizational myths. 5. The means by which creative ideas find their way into everyday practice is called __________. a) reengineering. b) development. c) innovation. d) modernization. e) integration. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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