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The land in which god gave to Abraham and Isaac


After reading Genesis I think that the one main factor that pertains to the Israel and Palestine fighting for territory is that according to the Bible God gave all of the land to Abraham. The fight then comes when Sarah could not have any children and she told Abraham to take a second wife (Hagar) and have children with her. Ishmael was born between Abraham and Hagar. Sarah eventually became pregnant and they named their son Isaac. God had promised that Ishmael would be fruitful but Isaac was going to inherit a lot more. As they grew older Sarah wanted Abraham to send Hagar and Ishmael away and Abraham did. Tensions between Isaac and Ishmael waged since then and continue to this day. I do not believe that a non-Muslim would get a fair trial. The reason that I think this because looking at their law and our law they are completely different. What they consider justice is what they follow which is Muslim religion which can be considered cruel. Our laws are that everyone gets a fair trial, it’s part of everyone’s rights. Even now if you look on the news people that go to the Middle East are being kidnapped and beheaded because the West people are considered their enemies or they simply do not believe what they believe. So for a non-Muslim to get a fair trial I think that this would never happen. IN YOUR OWN WORDS REPLY TO THIS 100 Word The answer to question number one is pretty simple. I actually went back into my bible to reference my answer to this question. The bible states The land in which god gave to Abraham and Isaac I will give to you and to your descendants after you. The Muslims for some reason seem to believe that the bible is wrong and that the land went to Isaac. Plus, who is to decide exactly who the descendants of Abraham is? This has what has been up in speculation and question. In my own personal opinion I believe that all people that is causing all of this conflict is going off opinions and what they have heard from their personal preference. To answer this question I believe it is simple. I do not believe that a non muslim will receive a fair trial in Israel. The reasoning I have behind this is simple. Beliefs. Just as any other country Israel simply has beliefs and I feel as if somebody who was under trial in this country would fall under these beliefs. Just as us as individuals do when they opinionated what they would do in certain situations I believe the same would occur over there.


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