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The key to expanding the amount of available power in an organization


The key to expanding the amount of available power in an organization 1. When an organization attempts to move power down the hierarchy, it must also alter the existing pattern of __________. a) personal power. b) individual power. c) special power. d) position power. e) exclusive power. 2. When embarking on an empowerment program, management needs to recognize the current zone of indifference and systematically move to: a) neutralize it. b) contract it. c) inactivate it. d) balance it. e) expand it. 3. The key to expanding the amount of available power in an organization is to change from a view that stresses __________ to a view that emphasizes __________. a) power over others … power over things. b) power over others … power over self. c) power over others … power to get things done. d) power over self … power to get things done. e) power over subordinates … power over peers. 4. Which of the following statements about empowerment is NOT correct? a) a clearer definition of roles and responsibilities may help managers empower others. b) empowerment increases the total power available in an organization by providing opportunities for creative problem solving coupled with the discretion to act. c) empowerment means that all managers need to emphasize different ways of exercising influence. d) special support may be needed for individuals so that they become comfortable in developing their own power over events and activities. d) executives and middle managers will change their thinking about and use of traditional position and personal power without having any inducement for changing their thinking or for acting on it. 5. Beyond just empowering employees, Jeffrey Pfeffer suggests that organizations place employees at the center of their strategy by taking all of the following steps EXCEPT: a) develop employment security for a selectively recruited workforce. b) pay high wages with incentive pay and the potential for employee ownership. c) encourage information sharing and participation with an emphasis on self-managed teams. d) emphasize individual training and skill development with little cross-utilization of talent and cross –training. e) pursue egalitarianism with little pay compression across units and extensive internal promotion. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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