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The key is to change the concept of power


The key is to change the concept of power True/False 1. Downward influence generally includes mobilization of both position and personal power sources, whereas upward influence is more likely to draw on personal power. 2. Empowerment is the process by which managers help others to acquire and use the power needed to make decisions affecting themselves and their work. 3. The traditional view of power considers it to be relational in terms of problems and opportunities, whereas the empowerment view looks at power in terms of the ability to make things happen. 4. When embarking on an empowerment program, management needs to recognize the current zone of indifference and systematically move to contract it. 5. The key is to change the concept of power within the organization from a view that stresses power over others to one that emphasizes the use of power to get things done. Economics Assignment Help, Economics Homework help, Economics Study Help, Economics Course Help


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