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The introduction of new and better work methods


The introduction of new and better work methods 1. Which step in the innovation process focuses on producing and marketing a new product or service, or on implementing a new approach to operations? a) idea creation. b) initial experimentation. c) test and retest. d) feasibility determination. e) final application. 2. Highly innovative organizations share all of the following characteristics EXCEPT a) look to the future. b) have a low tolerance for risk. c) prize creativity. d) reward idea generators. e) are willing to cannibalize existing products in their development of new ones. 3. All of the following are national labor factors that play a role in product innovations EXCEPT a) availability of scientists and engineers. b) quality of scientific research institutions. c) quality of management schools. d) number of high school graduates. e) total public expenditures on education as a percentage of GDP. 4. The research of Tellis, Prabhu, and Chandy identified the most important predictor of innovation was a firm’s a) profitability. b) culture. c) industry. d) patents. e) national GDP. 5. The introduction of new and better work methods and operations are the result of a) creativity. b) product innovations. c) process innovations. d) exploitation. e) exploration. Economics Assignment Help, Economics Homework help, Economics Study Help, Economics Course Help


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