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The important aspects of working together


The important aspects of working together 1. The issues concerned with ___ are tasks to be accomplished, methods used to achieve the goals, and methods of coping with success andfailure. a) structural adaptation. b) strategic adaptation. c) internal integration. d) institutional integration. e) external adaptation. 2. __________ deals with questions such as: What is the real mission? How do we contribute? What are our goals? How do we reach our goals? What external forces are important? How do we measure results? What do we do if specific targets are not met? How do we tell others how good we are? When do we quit? a) Institutional adaptation. b) Internal integration. c) External adaptation. d) Systematic integration. e) Structural adaptation. 3. _________ deals with the creation of a collective identity and with finding ways of matching methods of working and living together. a) Institutional integration. b) Internal integration. c) Structural adaptation. d) External adaptation. e) Bureaucratic integration. 4. The process of __________ often begins with the establishment of a unique identity; that is, each collection of individuals and each subculture within the organization develops some type of unique definition of itself. a) institutional adaptation. b) structural adaptation. c) internal integration. d) external adaptation. e) systematic integration. 5. Within the cultural context of internal integration, the important aspects of working together include _______ all of the following EXCEPT: a) deciding who is a member and who is not. b) developing an informal understanding of acceptable behavior. c) separating friends from enemies. d) developing an informal understanding of unacceptable behavior. e) identifying who is the leader and who are the followers. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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