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The essence of power


The essence of power 1. Which of the following statements about power and organizational politics is incorrect? a) power and politics represent the seamy side of management, since organizations are not democracies composed of individuals with equal influence. b) power and politics are important organizational tools that managers must use to get the job done. c) managers derive their power from personal and organizational sources. d) power and politics always exist in organizations. e) few instances exist where individual and organizational interests are compatible. 2. The essence of power is __________. a) personal desire. b) the ability to provide support. c) a distinguished reputation. d) control over the behavior of others. e) having a Machiavellian personality. 3. In today’s modern organization the base for power and politics rests on a system of authority. Which of the following statements about legitimacy regarding power is inaccurate? a) the unstated underpinning of legitimacy in most organizations is an implicit technical and moral order. b) in U.S. firms, “higher authority” denotes those close to the top of the corporate pyramid. c) in other societies, “higher authority” does not have a bureaucratic or organizational reference but consists of those with moral authority such as tribal chiefs, religious leaders, etc. d) in firms, the legitimacy of those at the top increasingly derives from their positions as representatives for various constituencies. e) senior managers may justify their lofty positions within organizations by separating themselves from stockholders. 4. Milgram designed experiments to determine the extent to which people __________. a) learn from personal failures. b) obey the commands of an authority figure. c) are willing to use coercive power to gain influence. d) are motivated by financial rewards. e) are willing to learn new things as a means of gaining expert power. 5. Which one of the following statements does not provide an accurate description of Stanley Milgram’s experiments? a) Milgram designed a series of experiments to determine the extent to which people obey the commands of an authority figure, even if they believe they are endangering the life of another person. b) experimental subjects were falsely told that the purpose of the experiment was to determine the effects of punishment on the learning of word pairs. c) experimental subjects were instructed to give what they believed were successively higher levels of electric shocks to people who missed the word pairs d) the experimental results revealed that 35 percent of the subjects subjected the “learner” to the maximum level of shock and the remaining 65 percent refused to obey the experimenter at various intermediate points. e) the basic conclusion of Milgram’s studies is there is a tendency for individuals to comply with and be obedient to authority. Economics Assignment Help, Economics Homework help, Economics Study Help, Economics Course Help


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