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The Current Event Mini Speech


Current event mini speech The Current Event Mini Speech is a 1-2 minutes speech in which you will summarize a current event. Select a news story from any local or national newspaper, online news source, or news magazine which is of particular interest to you. Plan to develop and organize your mini speech using the following outline: Introduction: State your name and the name of this speech (Current Event Mini-speech). Identify the title of the story, the date, and the source of the article. Describe the theme of the article in one sentence (what the story is about). READ THE FIRST SENTENCE OF THE ARTICLE. Body:In about three points or so tell us what the article is about. Focus on communicating with your audience the essentials of the story. (Here you are practicing Extemporaneous Delivery – you should know what you want to say and refer to your notes only occasionally. Look up at us and talk to us like you’re telling a friend about an interesting story you came across.) Conclusion:Explain why this story caught your attention, why you think it is important, and if appropriate, if you agree or disagree with the story.


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