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The corporate uniforms worn by UPS


The corporate uniforms worn by UPS 1. The corporate uniforms worn by UPS and Federal Express delivery personnel are examples of __________. a) cultural symbols. b) cultural artifacts. c) cultural tokens. d) cultural attributes. e) cultural proxies. 2. __________ often specifies when various types of actions are appropriate and where individual members stand in the social system. a) Organizational vision and mission. b) Organizational culture. c) Organizational strategy. d) Organizational design. e) Organizational communication. 3. __________ are parts of the normative controls of the organization and emerge from its daily routines. a) Organizational strategies. b) Organizational goals. c) Cultural vision and mission d) Cultural rules and roles. e) Cultural symbols. 4. To many researchers and managers, shared common values lie at the heart of __________. a) organizational planning. b) organizational leadership. c) organizational design. d) organizational culture. e) organizational structure. 5. Organizations with __________ possess a broadly and deeply shared value system that can provide a strong corporate identity, enhance collective commitment, provide a stable social system, and reduce the need for formal and bureaucratic controls. a) strong structures. b) strong designs. c) strong cultures. d) strong artifacts. e) strong top managers. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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