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the best defense against social engineering


the best defense against social engineering 1. Buffer overflow, SQL injection, and stack smashing are examples of: a. Vulnerabilities b. Exploits c. Input attacks d. Injection attacks 2. An organization is surplussing its old desktop computers. Being concerned with data remanence, what measures should the organization take first? a. Erase the hard drives b. Format the hard drives c. Activate its TEMPEST shielding d. Clear the computers’ RAM 3. What is the best defense against social engineering? a. Spyware filters b. Firewalls c. Data leakage protection (DLP) d. Security awareness training 4. Signs, guards, guard dogs, and visible notices are examples of: a. Administrative controls b. Preventive controls c. Deterrent controls d. Detective controls 5. The reason preventive controls are preferred over detective controls is: a. Preventive controls are less costly b. Detective controls do not actually stop unwanted activity c. Detective controls require more resources d. Preventive controls are do not detect unwanted activity Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study Help, Computer Science Course Help


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