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Test-marketing of OmniPower energy bars


To ensure a successful test-marketing of its OmniPower energy bars, the marketing department of OmniFoods has arranged for the In-Store Placement Group (ISPG), a merchandising consultancy, to work with the grocery store chain conducting the test-market sturdy. Using the same 34-store sample used to better understanding the relationship between price and promotional dollars, ISPG claims that both product shelf locations and the presence of in-sore OmniPower coupon dispensers increase sales of the energy bars a) Are the supporting data consistent with ISPG’s claims? Perform an appropriate statistical analysis that would confirm the relationship between sales and product shelf locations and the presence of in-store OmniPower coupon dispensers. b) If you were advising OmniFoods, would you recommend using both special shelf locations and in-store coupon dispensers to sell OmniPower bars? c) What additional data would be relevant to determining the effectiveness of the sales promotion techniques used by ISPG?


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