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Telecommunication Quiz


Question 1 1. Which of the following statements is true? The Wireshark protocol analyzer has limited capabilities and is not considered multi-faceted. Wireshark is used to find anomalies in network traffic as well as to troubleshoot application performance issues. Both Wireshark and NetWitness Investigator are expensive tools that are cost-prohibitive for most organizations. NetWitness Investigator is available at no charge while Wireshark is a commercial product. 5 points Question 2 1. Wireshark capture files, like the DemoCapturepcap file found in this lab, have a __________ extension, which stands for packet capture, next generation. .packcng .paccapnextg .pcnextgen .pcapng 5 points Question 3 1. The Wireless Toolbar (View > Wireless Toolbar) is used only: when using a pre-captured file. when capturing live traffic. when reviewing wireless traffic. in a virtual lab environment. 5 points Question 4 1. In the frame detail pane, which of the following was a field unique to wireless traffic, confirming that it is a wireless packet? The Encapsulation type: Per-Packet Information header The Arrival time: May 11, 2007 15:30:37 041165000 Pacific Daylight Time The Capture Length: 181 bytes The Epoch Time: 1178922637.041165000 seconds 5 points Question 5 1. Which of the following tools provides information about the antennae signal strengths, noise ratios, and other antennae information during a captured transmission? Windows Explorer DemoCapture Wireshark NetWitness 5 points Question 6 1. Which of the following can be used to map who is able to communicate with whom, the measured strength of signals, and what frequencies are used, as well as be used for jamming certain frequencies and for determining which devices were likely used to set off remote bombs and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)? MAC+PHY (MAC and Physical Layer) IEEE Layer Flags fields Quality of Service information 5 points Question 7 1. In the IEEE 802.11 Quality of Service information and Flags fields, Wireshark displays information about the __________, which enables the network administrator to determine which Media Access Control (MAC) addresses match each of them. antennae and signal strength transmitters and receivers of the data payload and frame information Domain System and Internet Protocol version 5 points Question 8 1. In the lab, Wireshark displayed the transmitter/receiver address in both full hexadecimal (00:14:a5:cd:74:7b) and a kind of shorthand, which was: IEEE 802.11. GemtekTe_IEEE. GemtekTe_00:14:a5. GemtekTe_cd:74:7b. 5 points Question 9 1. Matching the __________ to their appropriate transmitter and receiver addresses can provide the needed forensic evidence of which devices are involved in a particular communication. MAC addresses IP addresses brand names IEEE numbers 5 points Question 10 1. Which of the following statements is true regarding the fields displayed in Wireshark? There are hundreds of fields of data available and there are many different ways to interpret them. There are a few dozen fields of data available but there are many different ways to interpret them. There are very few fields of data available and most administrators will interpret them in the same or a similar way. Although there are very few fields of data available, most administrators will interpret them differently. 5 points Question 11 1. Which of the following is a packet capture add-on that is frequently installed with Wireshark that enables the capture of more wireless information? 3Com QoS GemtekTE AirPcap 5 points Question 12 1. Regardless of whether the packe


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