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Systems of rites


Systems of rites 1. To begin understanding an organization’s culture, it is often easiest to start with _________. a) observations of employee actions. b) stories about the organization. c) work group norms. d) the employee handbook. e) the organization’s code of ethics. 2. __________ are embellished heroic accounts of accomplishments, especially regarding the founding of an organization. a) artifacts. b) sagas. c) legends. d) rites. e) rituals. 3. __________ are important because they are used to tell new members the real mission of the organization, how the organization operates, and how individuals can fit into the company. a) Legends. b) Epics. c) Rituals. d) Rites. e) Sagas. 4. Systems of rites are called __________. a) rules. b) artifacts. c) routines. d) sagas. e) rituals. 5. Often, the language of a subculture, and its rituals and rites, emerge from the group as a form of __________. a) terminology. b) jargon. c) patter. d) lingo. e) phrasing. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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