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Summary of a professional interview


Part II-Interview:The second section of the paper will be a two to tow page summary of a professional interview. The student will conduct an interview with a professional in the outdoor recreation, sport, natural resources, community recreation or tourism industry. The student is responsible for seeking out a professional from your area of interest and setting an appointment with him or her. Students need to be professionally prepared and create a list of questions that discuss their current job, the field in general and any projections the individual has about the future of their field. I ask you all to present yourself in a professional manner for this interview. Student must receive prior approval from the instructor regarding the person student is wishing to interview and present a draft of questions students plans of asking. PRT 3100 Introduction As an industry, tourism has been the process of traveling and visiting places of interest. With the rapid pace of technological innovations, individuals are traveling from different areas and interacting with increasing ease with each other at other places. This process has been enhanced since the globe became a village. Unlike in the past, we can currently afford and travel in a short time across the world in large numbers. Tourism has become one of the fastest and biggest developing industries globally and has several benefits and challenges that are closely monitored by governments and how they impact the economic, environmental, educational and socio-cultural resources of nations. Tourism is mainly the process of traveling for recreational leisure and business purposes. Tourists can be defined as individuals that travel to and stay in different areas outside their typical surroundings for more than a day and not more than a consecutive year for business, leisure and several other purposes by the World Tourism Organization (Mason, 2012). Tourism is a continuously recognized affair in human life. This has been an industry of broad dimensions and eventually supports the social and economic development. Globally, tourism has experienced phenomenal growth. With over six hundred million people traveling yearly, tourism has become the largest global industry with incomes of almost half a trillion dollars annually and averaged nearly five percent annual increase. The advantages of tourism for any economy of a country include the development and growth of several industries directly connected with a healthy tourism sector such as hospitality, transportation, arts, wildlife and also entertainment. This process has brought about the development of the creation of new job opportunities and also generated income from foreign exchange, payments, and investments of goods and services provided. Though the improvements in the living standards of the local communities that are regularly visited by tourists, there is usually a small fraction of inflated prices of essential commodities due to these visiting tourists a constant element of these areas. Historical perspective of the tourism industry An early form of modern tourism was the grand tour that was undertaken by various young nobles during the eighteenth century. This possessed a new particular structure that was precisely defined by different corporate standards. The original goal here was to expand the education of an individual, however; leisure and pleasure became highly increasingly significant. This component created a paradigm of a highly different purpose of travel while the other made tourism a search for enjoyment and amusement that implied an aspect of traveling as an end itself. The classic grand tour during the eighteenth century typically lasted for one and three years. These aristocrats planned every single detail such as the route, contacts, and sequences to the last detail. Aristocrats traveled with an entourage of mentors, domestic servants and also tutors and other staff. All these people provided comfort safet


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