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summarize your analysis and recommend a course o


The written report should not be more than 6 pages (double space, 11pt font, including exhibits)and should define the issues, summarize your analysis and recommend a course of action for management. Case reports with very similar analyses and write-up will be penalized with a lower score. Read the first few paragraphs, then go through the case quickly, asking yourself, “What broadly is the case about and what types of information am I being given to analyze?” Read the case very carefully underlining key facts as you go. Try to put yourself in the position of the decision-maker in the case. Identify the perspectives involved, including that from which the decision will be made. Analyze the data presented and evaluate it in light of other information included in the case. Try to understand the present situation, as well as its historical origin and development. Use the exhibits to help you understand and/or interpret the text. Decide what the major problems are and, if appropriate, prioritize them. Determine whether the problems stated by individuals in the case are the real problems or whether they are also symptoms of some larger issues that need to be solved. Identify any unstated, hidden problems. Then go through the case again, sorting out the relevant considerations for each problem area. With the problems in mind, identify the feasible alternative courses of action. Determine what additional information is necessary to evaluate the alternative courses of action. Obtain that additional information. Evaluate the alternatives to determine their attractiveness and decide what your specific recommendation is to be. In doing so, use your understanding of the alternatives to frame a solution to the problem(s), and predict and evaluate the probable consequences of your solution. Decide how you will organize the presentation of your solution to the case.


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