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Strategic Tourism Management


I need help with an essay. 1500 words. the unit name is strategic tourism management. This is the question…Differentiation for Market Success Tourism is generally a very competitive business between operators of airlines and accommodation suppliers. In addition destinations are competing against other destinations and many cultural or music festivals compete against other like events. Whilst price is a major factor in choice by consumers, product differentiation is a key option to ensure competitiveness against other like or similar products in the tourism domain. By reference to the theory of differentiation choose two competitive businesses or operations within three of these four categories of tourism product: Hotel Chains e.g. Hyatt and Rydges International Airlines e.g Qantas and Tiger Tourism Destinations e.g Gold Coast and Hunter Valley Festivals or Cultural Events e.g Big Day Out and National Folk Festival For each category outline the differentiation strategies used by the competing organisations illustrating the different approaches used and comment on which has been or is likely to be successful and why.


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