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Strategic Scaffoldin Amazon.com


Our organization is Amazon. Look at the table page 88-91 He wants us to talk about past/present/future. foucs on the chapters and especially Chapter 6. He wants us to make a table like the one in I uploaded. Please 4 pages. Please make them without the tables. It means 4 pages of writing and 1-2 pages of tables and charts. Instructions: Team Paper Learning goal: To develop your ability to strategize as part of a team. Your team will select an organization to analyze/plan for, and inform me of your choice by the end of week 1. You will then use the Strategic Scaffolding methodology (chapter 6 in The Geometry of Strategy) as a guiding framework, although you are free to introduce other concepts/frameworks as well. Your paper should be 7-10 pages, double-spaced (not including any appendixes or references). I do not want more than one team study of the same organization; therefore, first-come, first-served. This organization should NOT be your own current or former organization, nor should it be an organization that you have analyzed before, for another course (or for Paper #1 in this course). Finally, restrict your data sources to those available to the public. In both your individual papers and team papers, I want your own thinking, as though you were a high-level advisor to the organization. I do not want you simply to re-present or ratify what the organization may have said or be saying–online or elsewhere. You are expected to be resourceful in locating relevant information, but meticulous in acknowledging your sources. The paper should include a set of references, with citations to each of these in the text. [In other words, I do not want a list of unconnected bibliographic entries at the end of your paper. You may use footnotes, endnotes, or name/date/page references in the text (e.g., Porter, 1980: 220).] All his Chapters start with those titles: Week 1 Overview: strategy & the strategic management process (GS ch1) Week 2 Environmental analysis: shareholders’ vs. stakeholders’ claims; levels of strategy (institutional, corporate, business) Week 3 Forecasting & lifecycle analysis (industry, technology, product, organization)start-up & turnaround strategies (GS ch 3) Week 4 Competitive strategy: criteria, financials, geographic scope (GS ch 4) Week 5 Growth/diversification strategy: making vs. buying vs. collaborating (GS ch 5) Week 6 Organizational/implementation strategy: strategy formulation (planning) vs.strategy formation (thinking), organizational design, core competencies,leadership styles (GS ch 6)


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