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Stockholders’ equity Paid-in capital


Stockholders’ equity Paid-in capital The following items were shown on the balance sheet of Easton Corporation on December 31, 2013: Stockholders’ equity Paid-in capital Capital stock Common stock, $5 par value, 400,000 shares authorized; ______ shares issued and ______ outstanding $1,850,000 Additional paid-in capital In excess of par 165,000 Total paid-in capital 2,015,000 Retained earnings 750,000 Total paid-in capital and retained earnings 2,765,000 Less: Treasury stock (18,000 shares) (180,000) Total stockholders’ equity $2,585,000 Instructions Complete the following statements and show your computations. (a) The number of shares of common stock issued was _______________. (b) The number of shares of common stock outstanding was ____________. (c) The sales price of the common stock when issued was $____________. (d) The cost per share of the treasury stock was $_______________. (e) The average issue price of the common stock was $______________. (f) Assuming that 25% of the treasury stock is sold at $20 per share, the balance in the Treasury Stock account would be $_______________. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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