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Sports Marketing Plan


Sports Marketing Plan. Post to the Assignments Section. • Resources: Appendix A • Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper describing a strategic sports marketing plan. • Organize your paper using the outlines below. Answer each of the questions and prompts methodically; they help create a comprehensive sports marketing plan. If a particular section does not apply to your chosen organization, be sure to explain why. o Executive Summary • What are the historical trends of the product or event? • What are the internal and external contingencies that affect decisions of the governing organization? • What are the current consumer demographics of the product or event? • What is the condition of the local economy? • How does the economy affect your product or event? • What is the major competition for your product or event? o Introduction • What is the mission statement of the organization? • What are the organizational objectives? Use measurable examples such as elevated attendance percentages or increased number of season ticket sales. o Planning Process • What are your consumer needs? Define your product or event’s problem statement, stating your research objectives, presenting your method for data collection, and identifying your primary data collection instrument. • What is your market selection? • Define your segmentation by identifying the new target audience and how you select the right marketing mix. • Define your method for target marketing. • Define the appropriate positioning of your product or event. o Marketing Mix Decisions • What are the specific issues concerning your product or event? • What are the promotional issues concerning your product or event? • Evaluate the characteristics of your proposed promotion. Create examples such as unique fan giveaways, focusing on certain stars, or activities that will attract new fans. • Evaluate your marketing methods. Do these methods promote, advertise, or otherwise represent your product or event? Define the anticipated effects (including cost of promotion). • What are the potential pricing issues? Consider your organization’s internal and external financial constraints, as well as the state of the local economy. o Evaluation • How would the success of the plan be evaluated? • When would the success of the plan be evaluated? • Format your paper according to APA guidelines. • The objectives (or mission) of your client • The demographics of your client’s fan base • The problem or opportunity you have identified for your client • The identification of internal and external contingencies that affect your client’s financial performance • The method of data collection, regarding consumer needs • A promotional plan to market your new ideas • A presentation of unique pricing strategies to attract new fans or customers • A plan to evaluate the success of your implementations


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