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SPA 104 WEEK 5 DISCUSSION 2 Week 5 – Discussion 2 ¡A Presentar en Español! Prepare: To prepare for this activity, review the vocabulary and grammar explanations from Capítulo 11. Practice each concept presented in the chapter by completing several of the assigned practice activities in MySpanish Lab. Don’t forget to look over the grading rubric for this discussion forum before getting started. Reflect: Consider your political views and environmental views. What things get you riled up and ready to act? Do you have ideas about how we can improve the state of the environment? What about politics? Are there things that you’d like to see your local, state, and nationally elected officials address? Maybe you prefer giving advice and are always ready to brainstorm solutions to problems. Gather your ideas and you will be ready to respond to one of the topics below. Write: Choose one of the following activities to use for your initial response. Activity #1: El reportaje. ¿Cómo podemos proteger el medio ambiente? Write a paragraph of a minimum of eight Spanish sentences of what we can do in the future to protect our environment. Activity #2: Es importante que . . . Choose one of the following situations to develop in the form of a dialogue. Using the expressions that you learned on p. 423 of your eText (es necesario que, es probable que, es una lástima que, ojalá que) give advice according to your selected situation. Be creative and have fun! (Eight sentence minimum) Activity #3: El futuro politico. Write some ideas about what should happen in the future in your city, state, country, or in the world. Use expressions that require the subjunctive when possible. (Eight sentence minimum) Modelo: Es necesario que les paguen más a los bomberos y a los policías de mi ciudadd. Respond to Peers: Read through your classmates’ posts. Choose two different posts and ask one question to each classmate, in Spanish, to elicit more information (Due by 5). Also, respond to one of the questions posed by your classmates in response to your initial post (Due by 5). *Note: You will have a minimum of four posts, in Spanish, in this forum: • Your initial post (Due by 3) • A question posed to classmate 1 (Due by 5). • A question posed to classmate 2 (Due by 5). • An answer to a question posed by a classmate in response to your initial post (Due by 7). Tips for success: • Post your initial response by Day 3. If you post late, you may not have a question from a classmate to respond to in order to fulfill that portion of the prompt. • As you interact with peers, please look for posts that don’t have questions from classmates first. That way, we can ensure that everyone has an opportunity to practice both asking and answering questions. Carefully review the Discussion Forum Grading Rubric Announcement for the criteria that will be used to evaluate this Discussion Thread.


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