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Social Science Homework Help


Social Science Homework Help Research Study Types Review the following scenario: An investigator wants to assess whether smoking is a risk factor for pancreatic cancer. He or she will use electronic medical records at a local hospital to identify fifty patients with pancreatic cancer. Another hundred patients who are similar but free of pancreatic cancer will also be selected. Each participant’s medical record will be analyzed for smoking history. Respond to the following: Identify the type of study proposed. Indicate the specific strengths and weaknesses of the study. State the most likely source of bias in the study. Write a 6-page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Grading Criteria Assignment Components Proficient Maximum Points Identify the type of study proposed. Identification of study type is accurate and clear, and direct evidence is used from the scenario to properly support ideas. Scholarly resources are utilized in support. 24 Identify the specific strengths and weaknesses of the study. Strengths and weaknesses identified are accurate, obvious, and specific. They represent all key strengths and weaknesses important to consider in this research analysis. Explanation uses specifics from the scenario as examples and applies content and concepts from the course. Scholarly resources are utilized in support. 64 Identify and analyze the most likely types of bias in regard to their sources, reasons for their presence in this type of study, and effect they would have on the study’s findings. Type of bias identified is clear and accurate. Analysis of why bias is likely to occur in the type of study is accurate, clear, thorough, and applies specific concepts and content from the course and the case study to support its argument. Analysis of the bias’s effects on the study’s findings is clear, thorough, and applies specific concepts and content from the course and the case study to support its argument. Scholarly resources are also utilized in support. 64 Writing Components Organization Write with clear organization appropriate to required format, including introduction, thesis/main idea, transitions, and conclusion, when appropriate. Introduction has a clear opening, provides background information, and states the topic. The assignment (e.g., report, presentation) is organized around an arguable stated thesis or main idea. Transitions are appropriate and help the flow of ideas. Conclusion summarizes main argument and has a clear ending. Writing generally provides a consistent coherency among ideas. 12 Usage and Mechanics Write using proper grammar, spelling, usage, and mechanics to provide smoothness readability. Writing follows conventions of spelling and grammar throughout. Writing skills are competent. Good command of language. Bullet points and/or sentence structures are accurate. Capitalization, punctuation, and indentation are reasonably well followed. Spelling errors are very few. All errors are infrequent and do not interfere with readability or comprehension. 12 APA Elements Include proper attribution, paraphrasing, and quotations of all sources. Using APA format, accurately paraphrased, quoted, and cited throughout the presentation when appropriate or called for. Only a few minor errors present. 12 Audience and Communication Write specifically to key audience, using terminology and tone appropriate for the audience. Writing is focused. Tone is adequately formal in keeping with the audience. 12 Total: 200


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