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Social Science Homework Help


Social Science Homework Help Discussion: Exploring Subcultures While culture refers to the way of life of a group of people, a subculture is a culture within a culture. A subculture is a social world that can be based on anything that draws individuals together and that has a distinctive way of life, as our textbook explains. Cosplayers, Red Sox fans, bikers, and hip hop fans are all examples of subcultures. Even the workplace can have its own subculture. In this discussion, begin by selecting a subculture that you have learned about or to which you have had exposure. You may have learned about the subculture through television, through news coverage, or through your peer groups. Describe the cultural beliefs and biases of your chosen subculture, as well as some of their norms and taboos. Are there any positive or negative sanctions that one might be subject to for conforming to or violating a social norm?


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