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Social Science homework help


Think about your favorite sport, and give examples of how calculability is present in that sport. What do you think about it? What are numbers you find particularly useful/relevant, and particularly annoying/useless/ridiculous? Do the stats and other numbers enhance your fan experience, or come in the way of it? You may do some online research to bring specific examples, making sure to include the URL for the sources you mention. When thinking about this question, I would also like you to think about the business side of this. For example, how is calculability present in live sports–the experience at arenas/stadiums? How is calculability present as teams build their rosters (present in baseball, but also basketball–I’ll post some examples)? How does calculability shape how teams compete, day-to-day? So please feel free to answer this from your own perspective as a fan, but then think about the business side of things as well.


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