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Social Science homework help


Question 1 Consider the following statement: “I have limited funds and little time to get a sense of how students feel about doing a Statistics course online as opposed to a traditional ‘face-to-face’ environment.” – W. Lutchman – Programmme Advisor Assume that the students are still getting accustomed to a new online learning environment and that they are all registered students whose records can be accessed in terms of demographic and socio-metric data. What should be the approach taken by Mr. Lutchman in accomplishing his task? In your response: (1) identify the population of interest for this investigation, (2) list two variables that may be investigated, (3) for each variable, state the type of variable and (4) for each variable, state the level of measurement. Identify the reasons why certain types of samples or a census may not be feasible for this investigation. Question 2 The Stem and Leaf output that corresponds to a data set of test scores (marked out of 1000) is as follows: Stem-and-leaf of TestScores N = (purposely deleted) Leaf Unit = 10.0 6 2 133788 17 3 11456678899 (16) 4 0112444445566778 16 5 00055599 8 6 33458 3 7 27 1 8 1 A student in his term project last year concluded as follows: i. 49 data points form this dataset. ii. The data points in this data set range from 21 to 81 inclusive. iii. The actual class interval containing the score ‘77’ is 70 – 79. iv. The median class is 40 – 48 v. The modal test score was 44 vi. The histogram of this dataset is symmetric. Do you agree with the student? Where did this student go wrong?


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