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Social Science homework help


Choose a movie that you have viewed in the past and can re-watch to complete the below worksheet. Type directly on this worksheet and do not reformat the assignment. Please refer to our course readings. Part I: Examining Cinematography at least 50 words each. Questions Answers What is your film? Describe your film’s cinematic (camera) point of view, Objective, Subjective, or Indirect Subjective, with a couple of examples. How are camera angles used within your film? Be sure to point to at least two specific scenes and two different camera techniques. Describe camera framing in your film with a couple of examples. Describe one scene and how it depicts depth of field. Using at least one scene, examine the ideas of contrast and color. Part II: Analyzing Editing at least 50 words each. Questions Answers After examining the week one PowerPoint’s editing section, analyze two different transitions within your film. What kind of transitions are they and what do they signify in terms of time? Describe a montage in your film. Does your film have any flashbacks or flashforwards? Describe specifically. If not, is there a form cut? Describe specifically. Part III: Examining Sound and Music at least 50 words each. Questions Answers Describe the sound effects used within your film. Locate one scene with music. How does music work within that scene to affect the mood? Be specific. Are there any other sound techniques used such as layering or voice over narration? Describe.


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