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Social Science homework help


Directions: In 150-200 reply to each classmate’s discussion board post below. For each reply, provide at least 2 suggestions for using faith-based methods to improve assessment strategies. Be sure to separate each reply so I know which reply you are addressing. Be sure to also list references and any outside sources.In your replies, address the extent to which your colleagues identify the observable learning outcome (e.g. the task); the conditions under which the task is performed; and the criterion level (e.g. the standard to which the task must be performed). Classmate Reply #1:I have developed objectives for a health class for grades 6-8 based on standards of education for the State of Virginia found at: http://www.doe.virginia.gov/testing/sol/standards_docs/health/2015/stds_2015_health.pdf#page=19 Knowledge-level objects for grades 6-8 health class: 1. Identify the names of the bones in the body when 10 are laid out on a table with 80% accuracy. 2. Recall 5 negative consequences of screen-time on a computer, television, or another electronic device. 3. Describe 3 current cultural influences on body image. 4. List 3 ways to increase daily physical activity. 5. List 3 ways to maintain a healthy environment at home. 6. List 2 eating disorders and describe why it is unsafe to utilize this weight loss method. Higher level objects for grades 9-12 health class: 1. Distinguish between a list of healthy eating habits and unhealthy eating habits and briefly explain why it is healthy or unhealthy relating the side-effects or consequences of the habits. 2. Draw a diagram the central nervous system, labeling the anatomical parts with 80% accuracy. 3. Compose a letter to your senator explaining why public places should be smoke-free. 4. Outline the aspects of a healthy lifestyle. 5. Based on a picture of a meal, calculate the total calories (within 30 calories). 6. Compose a letter to a magazine company explaining how their magazine influences current teenagers body image. Learning objectives are important to develop so you and your students know the expectations of their learning experience. The objectives will allow you, as a teacher, develop valid tests to determine the students’ knowledge base. You can use your objectives to develop the blue print for your test and to develop your test so you know you are evaluating the correct information. The objectives will also help you develop your lesson plans so your plans can stay precise and not go off track. As stated by Moga & Cabaniss (2014), “Only measureable learning objectives have real utility for guiding evaluation of students, teachers, and curricula, because, without measurement, one cannot know whether the objective was attained.” For an objective to be measurable it needs to have a percentage or number of correct responses so more than one person can determine if the objective was met. Through the use of objectives, we not only measure the students’ knowledge but we can also evaluate ourselves as teachers to assess the effectiveness of our teaching methods (Moga & Cabaniss, 2014). Students can also be stressed without objectives because they do not know what is expected of them. Objectives can help a student when they are studying for a test because they will know what is expected of them. Learning objectives for the 6th-8th grade unit in English in which they will study writing. By the end of this unit, students should be able to: • Define setting • Recall the components of plot structure • Identify different archetypes • Describe the difference between symbols and motifs • Name the different points of view • State the importance of the narrator Learning objectives for the 9th-12th grade unit in English in which they study Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. By the end of this unit, students should be able to : • Interpret the different themes in the boo


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